Oftentimes, first time homebuyers have special needs and issues such as: limited funds for down payment and closing costs, lower monthly payments (especially in the early months and years of homeownership) and counseling about homeownership and the home buying process. At Magnolia Mortgage, we recognize this and have special expertise and programs to assist first time homebuyers with these needs.


Our highly experienced and skilled staff is capable of leading the first time homebuyer carefully through the home buying process. They are sensitive to any questions or concerns that all new homebuyers have. They will patiently walk you through this process from the beginning to the end.



We have certain programs that allow the first time homebuyer to purchase their home without a down payment. And, some programs allow for the seller or another party to pay all of the closing costs. So, in some cases, the home can be purchased with no money out of pocket. In addition, some programs offer lower payments at the beginning of the loan, while the first time homebuyer is building their career and income.


So, we are very likely to have a program that will just fit your situation or need. And, we have the staff that will match the two together and will assist you all along the way. Go to “Apply Now”, fill out the short form and experience how easy the process really is.


To apply for a loan you can click the "Apply Now" button located under the name of your agent of choice on the Staff page (which will go directly to them), Or you can just go to the "Apply Now" page and fill out that form and an agent will be assigned to you.

Owning a Home


This suite of tools and resources guides you through the process of getting a mortgage. It will help you explore interest rates in your area, understand loan options, and prepare you for closing.


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Your Home Loan Toolkit


This booklet takes you from budgeting to closing with worksheets, checklists, and conversation starters. You’ll get a copy when you apply for a home purchase mortgage, but you can also download a copy now.


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